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Chewylou Designs is named after her dogs Chewbacca aka "Chewy" and Lexington aka "Lexi Lou", their 85 pound chocolate Labrador Retriever. Inspired by her mother's battle with breast cancer for the 3rd time, Alyssa Dinowitz created the shirt LIVE meaning Love, Imagine, Value, and Embrace. Drawing from life experiences, her family and friends supply an endless source of inspiration, optimism and unconditional love all reflected in her clothing. Qualities that Chewylou enhance are: FAITH, HOPE, DREAM, BREATHE, PEACE, LIVE and GRACE. Sold in stores across the country, these shirts are meant to inspire through positive thought and promote physical and spiritual strength. We proudly support Planting Peace, Faces of Hope Fund, Chemo Companions, and the Lupus Foundation.

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